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Our mission is to provide the best service in corporate solutions; ensuring guaranteed quality, by our professionals' expertise in applying the best practices while adapting to our clients' needs.

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We specialize in custom software development for local clients as well as Offshore. We have extensive experience in web application development, enterprise systems and desktop applications.



Our Clients are in Argentina, Germany, Holland and the United States; for them we've developed different Financial Applications, Content Management Solutions, Corporate Websites and Components to integrate with internal systems.



Offshore Development

On-site Model

This model is applied when the client expresses a specific need to have a development team work at their premises due to security restrictions or any other condition required by the business.

Offshore Development

Off-site Model

This model is applied to minimize application development costs, as the development team will work from ITelligent' premises.

Offshore Development

Mixed Model

(Offshore/On-Site): tasks which need to be performed at the client's premises are and then moved to ITelligent development center. This model combines the advantages of both methods and enables improved project and resource administration.

Offshore Development

Managed/Non Managed Staff Augmentation

This model is usually adopted to complement the client's development team, whenever specific skills or knowledge are needed.

Software Factory

Customized Development

Development of any type of custom application or solution, primarily focusing on the complexity of the business and working to fully understand the model prior to development.

Software Factory

Component Development

Develop additional components for any system that is already in place.

Software Factory

SLA (Service Level Agreement)

Una modalidad que garantiza al cliente el cumplimiento de estándares de desarrollo Software y Calidad, cumpliendose con los indicadores de Nivel de Servicio fijados por el Cliente.

Software Factory

Managed/Non Managed Staff Augmentation

This model ensures compliance with customer standards Software development and Quality, complying with the Service Level indicators set by the Client.


Some Clients Who Trusted Us

Mercado Abierto Electronico

We collaborate with MAE (Open Electronic Market) in developing its financial management system and making applications as how a management system quotes and code generators to accelerate the development of your web applications.

Bytes of knowledge

We participate in the creation and maintenance of web applications for existing systems. For instance a Nashville Startup about management systems for casinos.


For several years we have worked with the founders of LeanKit helping them to develop a project management platform based on the KANBAN methodology.

Tigre Argentina

We built a module for electronic bill that allowed to connect clients' billing system to the AFIP web services.


We developed a web application for Medical Centers registration, evaluation and management to enlist for the conduct of clinical trials centers. We also built a Greeting Card system tool for the Human Resources department.

About Us

Welcome to ITelligent | make it smart

We specialize in integrating the most frequently technologies used in software development, Java (EE / SE) and. NET (C #) to develop and implement business and corporate systems of different complexities (e-Business) standards-based web (Web-Based Applications) by the intelligent use of these technologies.


We use our own models and methodologies which are adapted to each client, to achieve the best integration possible between the teams, insuring the best possible results.

Best Practices

We apply the highest standards and the best analysis, modeling, coding, and testing practices, to help us provide a 100 % quality-committed service.

Experienced Professionals

We recruit professionals with sound knowledge and extensive experience in the market, focusing on brilliant and talented people inclined to permanent growth and learning.

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